School For Life Foundation

By Mahalia Barnes

School For Life Foundation

What an honour it was to sing a few songs at the School For Life Foundation Black Tie dinner on Saturday night with my friends Prinnie Stevens and Franco Raggatt. More than $400,000 was raised for this wonderful cause.

Let me tell you a little about the organisation and how we came to be involved...School For Life is a not-for-profit organisation that is working in rural Uganda. Empowering communities to help themselves and create their own opportunities for a sustainable future. they are helping to do this by building schools and providing quality education for primary and secondary school age children, as well as vocational training and other services such as healthcare and employment solutions.

My brother David Campbell was hosting their Black Tie event this year, he has been a supporter of this organisation for a while now, contributing $50/month to provide an education for a young girl in Uganda. He linked me in with the wonderful Annabelle Chauncy OAM, one of the founders of the organisation who asked us to perform...we were more than happy to of course! I couldn't stop smiling during our opening number (Best of my love) - they had cut a video of a bunch of the kids dancing to our track. It was really gorgeous...and it also meant there was no pressure on me to dance! I'm a terrible dancer!

Anyway, just felt the need to share...It's an amazing organisation and you can all help! 

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