How to gain more money in the House of Fun: Slots Casino game?

how to gain more money in house of fun game

Lots of slot casino games are out there by the game industry; House of Fun: Slots Casino is one of them getting more fame. The set includes amazing features with 180+ slot machines. Every machine contains different jackpots, serials, rules as well as regulations.

Features, jackpots, rewards, graphics, and functions of the game make it super incredible. If you are a casino lover, you should try House of Fun: Slots Casino once. Playing the game smoothly allows you to explore more enjoyment besides reducing all stress.

The target of every player in the game is to earn more and more money besides progress faster. Leveling up more quickly in House of Fun: Slots Casino allows you to gain unlimited benefits, rewards, money as well as jackpots. You can also earn more coins by using house of fun free coins generator in 2020.

One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices. The game is entirely free to play as the Playtika offers it. One can enjoy all its features, mechanics by learning some methods.

Well, it’s not an easy task to earn money in a more massive amount, but with the help of master tips, it is possible. Here we are going to mention all those tips that help players to gain more virtual money.

Note- the money added in House of Fun: Slots Casino is virtual as it is a game, not a real casino.

Spin and spin

House of Fun: Slots Casino is a game of chance where players don’t need to perform hundreds of different tasks. Players just need to spin and spin for leveling up, unlocking more features, getting currency, and so on. It means there is nothing more in the game that you need to learn.

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Playing the game often automatically clears all features, basics, as well as functions. After reaching certain milestone levels and events, players are allowed to unlock different machines for gaining rewards faster. Try to play the game two to three times a day to obtain more funds.

Free spins

Playing certain events organized daily or weekly in House of Fun: Slots Casino game permits you to get free spins. Getting free spins means, gamers can earn more money without facing plenty of complications.

Never miss a chance to spin the open-wheel that offers a certain number of jackpots, rewards as well as funds. If you are a beginner in the game, don’t forget to learn these house of fun cheats for beginners.


Every 3 hours, the game offers free rewards to users as a bonus of daily login. After claiming that prize, you need to wait for 3 hours more. Doing this task daily allows users to collect a lot of money/funds.

Even if you don’t have more time to play the game, try to receive free rewards every 3 hours. As we mentioned above, the primary purpose of the players in the House of Fun: Slots Casino game is to collect more money, so don’t forget to perform this task.

Make sure that you connected the game account with Facebook first for gaining certain free coins.

how to level up fast in avakin life game

How to Level Up fast in Avakin Life

how to level up fast in avakin life game

Grinding levels in Avakin Life can be a simple method based on your daily game habits. Social connection, shopping, and even gathering all of which you have, make how easily you level up.

Several considerations exist in the game that affects your levelling up speed. The number of clothes you buy each day, the number of apartments you acquire per week or the number of diamond you collect helps in gaining XP.

Let’s dive into it so that we can know how to get more XP.

  • You can receive XPs through chatting and socialising with other players. These players can be your friends or virtual AI. So stay more in rooms and gain 10-15 XP boost every time.
  • Jobs at café like club Sundown is an excellent way to gain EXP while making fun.
  • You will gain XP as you order for foods and drinks in each café. For everyday first order you receive 10 XP, and further orders receive 5XP. 23rd street café can be accessed every morning, and 25 XP can be obtained.
  • Shopping is another way to gain XP in an accelerated way, and you will get them through Avacoins. So get more Avacoins and complete this purchase. 50-500 XP will be automatically added to your account.
  • Crafting also gifts you the XP boost in the game. Every time you finish crafting any item, you get a minimum of 50 XP. However, you require other items for these crafting that you can get from the game. If you have a second building hand, your crafting XP is gained more easily. But you have to spend 5000 Avacoins to get the second builder.

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  • Possessing more apartments is a continuous way to gain XP. Apart from the whooping 300 XP that you get at the first purchase, you will get XP additionally when you possess the. However, these apartments require a considerable amount of Avacoins. By using Avakin Life Cheats for Coins, you can get them. After you possess them, you will get 20 diamonds and 25 Exp after a certain interval.
  • Feeding your pets can give you additional XPs. Every day you can feed up to 2 pets, and you need not worry about toe 50 XP which will be automatically added to your account.
  • Play in Google play account and unlock more achievements. You will gain XP for completing each of these tasks.
  • Capturing some special moments in Avakin Life will give you 15 XP every day; however, you can take a specific amount of photos every day.

All the above Avakin Life hack will put your Avakin life account into an auto gear. You need to ensure these specific tasks and collection Xp will be done automatically.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tier List

kim kardashian hollywood tier list

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an extremely engaging game and has different tiers. You need fans to go higher in this game. In this post, we will be giving you all the details of kim Kardashian hollywood tier list.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Ranking system

Your place on the Top Stars list decides every ranking. They are divided into six categories. The list of six rankings is classified from the unlisted as lowest and the A-list as highest. You start the game as an unlisted player, and by winning fans, you prosper in ranks. Kim Kardashian’s objective is to be at the A-list in Hollywood. Through attracting as many fans as possible, receiving Star news coverage, and dating, you can achieve this success.

Tap the Feed button on just the menu to see Trend Style and make comparisons of your fame to others in the Top Stars Ranking.

When you play with game centre or connect through Facebook, you will rise your ranking through the contribution of your friends there.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tiers

UnlistedE TierD TierC TierB TierA Tier


When you have zero fans, and you start the game, you are unlisted. Your ranking at that time will be #675- #672. When you pass this ranking, you are promoted to E Tier.


E- Tier Players have ranking #671-#594, and you must have some fans. When you have 1-5000 fans, you will stay in this tier. Go out with different activity and mingle with others to grow your fan. You must remain in Star Magazine and appear with different celebrities. Making various photoshoots are an easy way to get more fans.

D- Tier

When you gather 5000-65000 fans, you are in D-Tier in the game. You may be remembered on the road by a stranger before you are forgotten. Your ranking should pass #465 to go to the next level.

C- Tier

Now, in this tier, you have some popularity as you will have 65000- 750,000 Fans. So, if any restaurants decline to serve you a breakfast meal at their after-dinner timing, you can scream and make your presence.

B- Tier

B Tier players must have 750,000 to 7.5 Million Fans, and their ranking is as high as 327 to 156. But still, there is a lot to do to reach the next tier.

A- Tier

A-Tier listing is the final ranking to make you famous when you get past 7.5 million Fans But don’t quit now, plenty of more fans are still there out. Speak to your Facebook or Twitter mates about the news!


When you are A Tier, you can choose to lose all your fans and make a comeback. Come back will get you back to again E tier.

After that, you can choose three paths as you come back appearance. A love Guru, a Fashion Icon and a moneymaker are the three categories you can choose to be. Each group will have a different style of outfit.

K Stars are very important in the game to buy anything in the game and getting them using kim kardashian hollywood cheats without investing a single penny.

The best benefit of Comeback is you need not do any quests any further, and you can retain your current level. You will also gain a permanent energy boost of 3 energy. When you complete all three comeback path, your energy bar is elevated to +44.

free google play codes

How to Get Free Google Play Codes Online

free google play codes
How to get free google play codes

There are tons of apps on the Google Play store, which requires Google currency for buying. On one side there are plenty of free apps on the store, whereas on the other hand there are paid ones also.

These paid apps sometimes become a burden on the users due to their constant charges. To minimise this burden, there are some google play codes available on the play store which you can earn through little steps and avail the benefits of paid apps later.

Here, some legitimate sources are given below where you can get these free google play codes.

9 Real Working Sources To Get Free Google Play Codes


MistPlay offers are a unique and fun way to get free google play card. You will get paid for playing games in this app. There will be several exciting games found in the ‘Mixlist’ of the app which you have to choose to play and earn from doing so.

Isn’t it a cool way to get these free google play codes without human verification? It is like a combo offer where you will get games and codes together and free.

How to Get It? – There is no complicated process to avail these codes. All you need to do is install the app and pick some exciting games from the ‘mixlist’ and start playing. All the points you earn there can be redeemed later to Google play codes.

Earn by Registering Your Samsung Device

Nowadays, Samsung offers a bunch of rewards for its users. You can get your free google play codes by registering your Samsung device on google play. Usually, they offer a $25 gift card for the already purchased devices. If you are planning to buy a Samsung device, then there are some great deals for you in their store.

How Does it Work? – To register your device, you have to go to the portal and register through your email ID. Once you get registered, you will receive your codes. The best part of these google play codes is that they never expire like others. You can redeem them anytime you need. Keep a check on your email ID to get some exciting offers.

Register Your Chromecast Device

For all the Chromecast users, this is good to be remarkable. You can also earn these free codes by registering your Chromecast device, and the best part is it allows you to register from multiple email Ids. To get more free google play codes amazon codes, you can register all the email ID available in your family.

How to get it? – To register your Chromecast device, you can install Google Home on your android phone and get the latest offers. Before registering your device, you should first check the reward price. If the reward price is not much, then keep waiting till you get a nice one. Usually, the codes offered are between $5- $25.

Get a Google Opinion Reward App

Now you must be wondering what this app is all about. Well, this app is an excellent tool for earning google play gift card codes unused in a hassle-free manner.

If you are too lazy to find multiple sources to get offers or download numerous apps and registrations, then we highly recommend this app for you. In this app, you will be asked to take surveys, and a nice amount will be credited to your google play account.

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How Does it Work? – To get some great deals, you have to install the app and start taking surveys. There are both short and small surveys available on the app. If possible, complete at least one survey a day to make a good earning.

The amount ranges from $6-$25, and your free google play codes will be directly redeemed to your Google Play account.


It was known as Cubic rewards earlier. To offers various rewards for playing games and download apps. You can also invite friends to join here, and prizes will be added for with joining. It is the most straightforward source you will ever get through. All you need to do is play and download games and grab your points. The points will be later redeemed to your Google Play store.

Get Juno Wallet

JunoWallet is an app where you get a bunch of great deals for you free google play credit by doing stuff like taking surveys, downloading apps, and viewing videos. It is another excellent source for earning google credits, but it requires more work.

There is also a unique feature in the app, which is Mystery Rewards’. These mystery rewards are given occasionally, which needs to be claimed within 10 seconds after that it will disappear.

Share With Your Friends – This app also offers Google credits for inviting a friend to join the app. With each joining, a small amount will be credited to your account, which can be redeemed later.

Earn ‘Nanas’

There is an app known as AppNana, which offers google play redeem codes for playing games. The points you earn there are called ‘Nanas’ which can be redeemed later. By log in your account daily, you will get up to 400 Nanas per day.

This app is accessible from both android and ios platforms.


It is an app typically used for earning Google credits by doing stuff like downloading apps, searching on their browser, taking surveys, online shopping, and many more ways. This app offers various methods of earning free google play credit.

It offers 10 points for signing up on the app and some daily offers for doing some small tasks. To make $1 in the app, you have to score $100 points, which mean you need 1000-2500 to earn $10 or $25 gift cards.

WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards is another source for earning free google gift cards. All you need to do is link your Facebook account to Whaff rewards and stay tuned for exciting offers.

You will get points for downloading games and another app that will also double the amount for keeping the app for a long time.

Free Google Play Codes Hacks & Generators – The Fact is Not Acceptable

You will come across various websites and app offering generators and cheats to get these free google play cards but never make this mistake of trusting them. All these websites and app are a total scam which only harms your online privacy by taking your personal information but nothing else.

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They ask for your details and email ID for wrong intentions.

Always keep one thing in mind before going to these fraudsters that on one, I said one can give you these gift codes without any cost. These codes are highly secured with strong passwords which are close to impossible to crack. So never trust these cheaters whose only intention is to harm your online privacy.

Getting these Google Play Redeem codes is a bit time taking, but all these are legit ways which entirely safe for your use.

Final Words

There are a lot of options available on the internet these free google play codes. Here we have mentioned all the legitimate and the best real working ways to get them. All the sites and app mentioned above are working for a long time and trusted by users.

You can pick anyone from them and start getting you gift cards. Also, beware of these generators and cheats to save yourself from getting into trouble.