Black Desert Mobile Tips And Strategies To Level Up Faster


If you are a die-hard fan of the Black Desert Mobile game, then you may know about its basics. The game is all about taking part in several quests and challenges. Overall concept of the game is going viral  among the gamers, its pre-download also available by December 9.

Players also need to focus on other aspects like resources and crafting. They should also level up their characters to increase combat power.

First of all, players need to choose a character class that is right for them. They will get five different choices, but picking the right one is important. They can also alter the strength of the character according to their desire.

Let’s Check Out the Effective Tips for Black Desert Mobile

Leveling up faster in Black Desert Mobile is a dream of every beginner, but it is not a piece of cake. This is the reason why people try to download black desert mobile mod apk hack from online sources to skip the hard level up way. However, it is not a correct idea and also it wont work that’s why most of the players are trying to implement some effective tips and tricks.

To know how to make progress quickly in this role-playing game, you need to look at the tips given below.

  • Craft Items

    There are some basic tips to which beginners need to pay appropriate attention. Crafting is a vital aspect to which players should focus properly. Players should craft potions and equipment with their craft skills. You can also take help from the workers for these tasks. First of all, you need to gather some resources to view the craftable items.

  • Customization

    The character customization is the interesting feature of the game, which will help you to show your creativity. You can easily customize the appearance of your character by choosing the hairs, eyes, and other features. You can also buy clothing and other accessories for your avatar to make it look amazing.

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  • Quests

    Although, plethora kinds of ways are available in the game for earning resources, players can earn the same through quests. Playing as a beginner would be complicated, but along with the quests, you can easily obtain some important resources such as silver. Try to perform better during the quests to get the best out of them.

  • Experience Points

    It is possible to check out the ranking of the player’s profile on the game with the help of experience points. Similarly, you need to focus on the exp for reaching the apex. When it comes to gaining experience points, then every player needs to play challenges and various quests.

Hope, the above-mentioned tips may help you to reach the advanced stages of the game in no time. Consider all these tips and implement them wisely while playing different challenges during the game.

The Final Verdict

Black Desert Mobile is the type of game that you will find difficult at the initial stages, but after playing it for a few days, you can master it. Learn the pure basics of the game while going to start playing it.

You should also check out the vital tips and tricks to play the game in a perfect manner. Collect a good amount of resources to avoid all the complications and to reach the advanced levels without wasting your valuable time.


Kill Zombies In The Walking Dead Road To Survival


Zombie games are always a popular category game in mobile gaming. In Android and iOS, thousands of zombie games are available, and players can play any of them.

Majority of gamers nowadays love to play zombie concept games because they are a lot more competitive and entertaining.

One of the most popular and finest zombie games in Playstore and Appstore is the Walking Dead Road to Survival, and it is better than most of the zombie games. Scopely launched this game on iOS and Android.

Killing the zombies is obviously a basic thing in the Walking Dead Road to Survival, but there are a lot more things in the game that players can do in it.

Players can choose whether they want to save the person and not as well. It’s a storyline game, and everything is already written, if any player goes against the story, they will have to face the consequences like hard to unlock the team players and many more things.

Kill the Zombies and Make Your Choices

Every player has their way of playing, and that player who plays it knows how they have to tackle the opponents and the zombies.

At the beginning of the Walking Dead Road to Survival, you just have to watch and learn the storyline, and after you know what is happening, it will be easy for you to play further levels.

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  • Zombies are hard to kill if you don’t play with proper strategy, and it will create problems for you in the future as well. Every player has to unlock and upgrade the characters because if you don’t focus on this thing, then it can be a great cause for you as well. You can kill zombies in several ways, and one of the best ways is to have a strong team and upgraded. At the beginning of the game, a player can’t have it all, so they just play with the ordinary flow.
  • Zombies don’t stop for any situation, and their task is to kill the opponent at any cost. The walking speed of zombies is the same, and as per the storyline, there are some movements when players have to choose whether they are willing to save that particular person or not.
  • The saving person can provide you lots of rewards like experience and level up. It is nothing but the best the walking dead road to survival coin hack which is legit also. You can level up in several ways, but by playing this and earning from it is also an important thing. Lots of levels in the game are very tough, and you have to complete them with a great strategy like avoiding the issues and obstacles.

You can do lots of things, and it is up to you, and you have the choice of doing everything. From making the building for civilization to killing the zombies, everything is necessary.

Players can only kill the zombies, and there are several civilians are also available in the game, but you cannot kill them, only walkers can kill those civilians if you let it happen.


FIFA 20 Improves Your Moves With This Tricks


Billions of players around the world are a fan of soccer games, and FIFA is always their priority when it comes to playing a soccer game. Electronic Arts have released the newest version of FIFA, and it is FIFA 20.

The majority of players have started to play, and the great thing about it is that the graphics and design are just amazing and much superb from the previous version of the game.

In FIFA 20 players will learn so many new and things and moves that will make them realize that FIFA 20 is really come up with some great things this time.

Every player who plays FIFA 20 wants to be a great player and to be that lots of players make efforts and spend time to do the practice. If you are completely new to FIFA, then beore buying it try demo FIFA 20 game.

Sometimes practice is not everything, but you have to know what kind of move and action can make you win when no one can.

Enhance & Improve Moves with Practice

You can easily learn the moves in the tutorial and practice session, but if you want to get improved, you have to do lots of things, and one of them is to play matches with AI and real opponents.

Every player has their own techniques to improve, but some player splay games for entertainment and winning or losing for them doesn’t matter so much for them.

First, you need to play FIFA 20 daily so you can participate in new tournaments and matches that daily releases and more than that there several game modes that you can try to improve –

Complete practice in limited timing

The practice session is very amazing, but if you want to learn every move, then you have to complete the training faster.

Every session has three to four attempts, so it is up to you that how much will you take time to complete every session.

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Many players don’t do practice sessions, and also, there are some players who spend a lot of time on the practice. So basically, both things are wrong, and you should complete the training sessions as fast as possible and use those moves against the opponents in the matches.

Play tournament matches

There are many benefits of tournament matches, and one of them is that you can get a lot of rewards from it. Apart from the reward, you can use it in a better way, and it will help you in two major ways.

Best way to improve the skills you can play matches here. The difficulties in tournaments matches are mostly tough, and when you put your skills in the matches, you can easily get used to them, and it will also help you to improve your skills.

Compete with real opponents

From the best modes of the game, competing with real opponents is one of the best things that is happening in the game. Competing with the opponent can do lots of great things, and it also is able to make your skills improved.

When you play with an opponent, you put your skills and opponent put their skills, and if you have better skills, then you can win. You can improve your skills easily.

Reference :- fifa 20 hack and cheats to earn coins for ultimate team –


Guns of Glory Game Tips and Tricks Fight For The Glory


Tons of multiplayer battle games are out by the game industry, and Guns of Glory is one of them getting more love. Every player in the game needs to create a mighty empire, army besides fight with hundreds of dangerous enemies/players.

You can easily explore endless fun by playing the game with friends or alone. Various challenges are added in the game to gain rewards, in-game currencies as well as cool prizes. 3D graphics, features, functions make Guns of Glory more fabulous as compared to others.

One can play the game on Android and iOS devices without spending any charges. The game is completely free to play so that you can enjoy it more.

Here we are going to mentions some core guns of glory hack and cheats for beginners to play well without facing more complications. Focusing on the forthcoming content more allows users to obtain an array of benefits, rewards, and so on.

  • Tutorial

It is one of the main aspects of the game in which beginners need to pay more attention. With the help of the great tutorials, they can learn what’s inside the game, basics, essentials, some features, and controls. So, if you are the one who wants to know what’s fantastic in Guns of Glory game, play its tutorial correctly.

  • Missions

Hundreds of missions and objectives are available that you need to complete. It allows you to understand every single primary, essential, feature, function of the game correctly.

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Overall it permits users to understand their role, game purpose besides many more important things. Also, completing every mission offers rewards, gifts, resources, bonuses to players.

  • Alliance

After passing certain levels, gamers are allowed to join or create an alliance. Joining a powerful alliance help players a lot in different situations.

For example, alliance members help you to perform building tasks quickly. Also, they offer an excellent protection to your kingdom from enemies’ attacks.

With the help of the teleport feature, an individual can go to their alliance member place when they need help or other situations.

Try to create or join a powerful team as soon as possible because it allows you to obtain more benefits like no one another can.

  • Connect with Facebook

To collect some free stuff in the beginning and for a better startup, users are suggested to connect the game account with Facebook.

It allows them to gain a certain amount of resources, items, in game currencies for free. Therefore, we can say that it is a free task that helps users to start the game correctly and explore endless fun.

  • Daily rewards

Various rewards are offered to players on a regular basis when they login in to the game. It means it is essential for every user to log in daily in Guns of Glory game for collecting more resources as well as free gifts.

It is an excellent opportunity for gamers to gather more resources without spending more effort, time, or money. So, try to receive all free rewards daily without getting frustrated or to progress faster.

Get Rid of Obstacles with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack

star wars galaxy of heroes hack to skip hurdles

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is an amazing mobile game that you can play whole day. The only issue in this game is that the in-game currency is very costly and not everyone can afford them. Well, overall the game is amazing.

When you are worried about something, all you need to do is to divert your mind. If you are looking for ways to do that, then you can play some game, which is addictive, and has the capability to make you glued to the device.

You will be able to forget your tensions, and concentrate on collecting the crystals. The normal process of the game is a bit slow, and if you think that is not enough for you, then you can trust the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack.

What Are The Ways To Hack The Game?

When you want to avoid all the problems that are coming in the way of your gaming, then you can think about getting help from the hacking tool. But before that, you have to gather the knowledge the process.

  • You have to go through the reviews that are available on the website so that you can get the reliable website for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats.
  • In the next step, you have to connect the mobile or tablet device to the computer, and you have to take help of the USB port. Then you have to select the operating system of your device.
  • You will be given the chance to select the number of Crystals and data card you want for your game, and you will get them in no time.

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What Are The Tips You Should Follow?

When you are taking help from the hacking tool, then you have to collect the information and tips about it, so that you can complete the hacking process without any disturbance.

  • You have to follow the feedback thoroughly, so that, you can get the right website of the Star Wars Heroes Cheats & Methods.
  • If you want your hacking process to go smoothly, then you have to make sure that the internet connection you use is stable.
  • No authentic hacking website will ask for your personal information. So, if you come across any website like that, make you avoid it.

What Are The Primary Benefits?

You have to collect the information about the advantages, you will be getting, when you use the hacking tool. This will help you to take the gull advantage of it.

  • You have to get the access to the unlimited crystals so that you can buy anything you want, and you can get that if you know How to Hack Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.
  • If you are playing in the multiplayer mode, then it is important for you to defeat your friends, and the hacking tool will help you to do that easily.
  • If you want to play continuously, then you have to get the energy bonus, and the cheat code will help you to get that.

Will Anybody Notice?

There is a common fear among the gamers, getting caught in the process. But the hacking tool is created in a way that nobody will be able to track you down, and you will stay protected.

Even your friends will not notice the hacking, but they will be envious seeing your progress. So download the tool and play freely.

marvel contest of champions tips to level up on charts

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips To Top the Charts

marvel contest of champions tips to level up on charts

Live your childhood days and the life of the great heroes of the marvel with the Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and make your dream come true.

There was once a time that comics and their characters were much popular among the younger generation of those times. Though things have not changed much, but, only the medium is replaced from papers to virtual.

Games like marvel contest of champions are of much popularity now as its comics were back in the past. Now the younger, as well as older generations, are getting to know the characters from a different perspective.

And that is not all as you can also now get to play for them or rather be them in the virtual world.  And when the Marvel Contest of Champions Guide is there, you have nothing to worry about.

What The Game Is All About?

A little overview of the game will help you gain a perspective on how to use the hacks in different situations. The significant points are:

  • The game is all about the heroes and villains that featured in the various stories of marvel comics and cartoons. You will have to pick one to play against another.
  • There is a storyline that will follow. And every storyline will have a fighting sequence where you and your friend can participate.
  • With the help of the Marvel Contest of Champions Hack, you can unlock each superhero and villains which otherwise was a challenging thing to do in the game. Every win will get you gold and at the same time, you will level up as well.

What Are The Advantages Of The Games?

Whenever a player is finding difficulty in progressing to the advanced levels, the thought of the Marvel Contest of Champions Tricks comes to your mind.

Thus, below written are points that every player needs to remember:

  • You will get resources as per your choice on either one-time basis or full-time basis. You can use the tool once a day to cover the deficient in your account.
  • The cheats take less time to get connected to your device. You can get access to it is a faster way.
  • It works on all devices that are supported by Android or iOS. The device can be a smartphone or tablet.

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How to use the tricks?

In case you want to know the ways of using the hacks, there are few simple steps that you need to understand. The steps are given in series below so that you can understand it simply.

  • Go to a website that has a simple user interface so that you can understand How to Cheat in Marvel Contest of Champions. There you have to enter your account or user name to connect the server to your account.
  • After you are don with it, next comes is selecting the platform. The hacks will then function accordingly after understanding the platform you are using.
  • Once you are logged in, there is a space where you have to enter the amount of gold, units and crystals you need. The click on the generate button.

What about virus attack?

If you are under the impression that the hacks have virus loaded in them and might hamper your device, then you are wrong.

The hacks are built in such a way that there is no scope for the virus to attack your device or game. Using it in desktop as well as on your device is safe.

tips and tricks to toon blast game

Tips and Tricks to Toon Blast – Mobile Game!

tips and tricks to toon blast game

When it comes to playing puzzle games, all users find some exciting challenges, mental power puzzles, advanced features, and many more.

To fulfill the requirements of puzzle lovers besides to offer endless joy, a newly cartoon puzzle game has launched by the game industry named Toon Blast.

Players can quickly run the game on both Android and IOS platforms without paying any charge.

Lots of features, graphics, magical worlds, cartoons are added in the game to make it fantastic as well as fabulous. You don’t need to face the same kinds of puzzles again and again as each level contains different challenges.

Due to hard levels or challenges, some players seek tips and tricks for succeeding in the Toon Blast game faster.

Now the wait is over because here, in the post, we are going to discuss master tips and tricks to progress in the game more quickly like no one another can.

Paying attention to the forthcoming content helps you to explore fun and get the chance to become a pro player.

Use boosters correctly

Boosters help you to make a big blast and damage a large number of cubes at a single time. You don’t need to wait for longer moves as this will helps you to make bonuses as well as points.

Somewhat it’s not an easy task to acquire boosters in Toon Blast game quickly as it contains more currencies as well as efforts.

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In the early stages, beginners are able to get a couple of patrons by opening certain chests. But later on, they need to acquire it by completing game tasks besides coins.

Try to use boosters when there are one or two moves left for finishing the level because it helps an individual to make extra points, bonuses, and rewards. So, don’t try to use boosters at random moments or times.

Join a team or create it

Joining or building a team helps you to pass all missions as soon as possible. Teammates are allowed to help each other in case of hard challenges, levels, or tasks.

Players are able to join and create a team after reaching level 20th. Before level 20th, they cannot make the team as per game rules and regulations.

For creating a strong team, users need to spend coins on the management. On the other hand, for joining a group, there is no need to pay any charge.

Big combos

In every stage, gamers can find big combos from which they can make a big blast. It means using the combos helps you to destroy a more significant number of cubes without getting stressed or tensed.

Players can easily find the combination by paying attention to the cubes and level. So, try to find more combos in order to achieve higher goals, rewards, cool prizes as well as in game currencies.


With the help of the content mentioned above, we can easily conclude that players can progress in the game by paying some attention and effort.

Also, they can grab an array of benefits by opening chests and leveling up faster.

MovieStarPlanet Has a Fair Share of Niceties to Keep Everyone on the Move

moviestarplanet has fair share

You need not be a movie buff to sneak a peek into the networking planet of movie star. Well, if you are a movie buff who loves to keep track of the latest happenings in planet.

Hollywood, it will inevitably turn out to be an exciting proposition. It is a networking channel that leads you into a world of fantasy.

The sheer fantasy that you will get to simulate the role and statements of some of the much-acclaimed cine stars is sure to leave you rollicking with delight.

Reach Out To the Stars with MoviestarPlanet Hack

You can achieve your dreams through games. Many people think playing games is a waste of time, but it is not so.

Games can help to vent out your emotions, thereby assisting you to maintain a balanced life in reality. Games have transcended from being mere escape plans to realistic ones.

They are now infused with special effects, 3d and realistic plots that simulate real life and hence are more interesting.

Moviestarplanet is one such game, wherein you can fulfill your dream of being an actor at Hollywood. It has become quite popular among youngsters.

Achieve fame

You can take the help of moviestar planet hack to achieve fame in the game. The goal of the game is to achieve fame by being a very popular figure.

You can take the help of a hack that is available at free of cost. It is very interesting to figure out how popular you can be.

Just follow the instructions on the website and collect star coins that will help you in the game. So, if you want to dazzle everyone with your enigmatic presence, you can start testing the waters with moviestarplanet cheats.

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Security of the game

This website is quite secure and safe. Start with moviestarplanet login. There is no fear of getting banned.

You also need not fear of your identity being revealed as confidentiality is of the highest importance. You can get as many starcoins as you want. You can even get free VIP on msp at no cost using msp vip hack available out there.

The hack is updated time to time. You need not download anything, you can just hack with the help of the browser.

As movie star planet game is about achieving fame in Hollywood, ensure that you are popular and socialize in the chat rooms. The more you chat with others, the more popular you are.

Reasons for going through sites on hacking

The zone is mesmerizing and has plenty of rooms for social interaction. You can go through the site on moviestar planet hack to enquire about the odds and ends.

In that way, you will get to learn about the uses of hacking, and how the entire process ensures safe and secured accessibility.

The networking planet that draws you close to the glitzy statements of glam-sham world has specialized segments for chatting and interacting.

There are chat rooms to come by, and you can use these for the purpose of group based interactions.

If you go through moviestarplanet cheats, you will come to know that the networking forum encourages parental involvement.

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Parental involvement is crucial

The platform facilitates children’s participation. So, as your child opts for moviestarplanet login, you ought to counsel him on the ins and outs of online safety.

Your child can use rewards, and riches earned as currencies for advancing up the ladders of success.

They are necessary for making new purchases, with the help of these; you can participate in advanced level of gaming and film-making.

The creation-friendly networking platform insists upon making purchases that are authorized. In this regard, your kid may need guidance and counseling.

So, now you know why you have active roles to play in movie star planet as your little kiddo goes about the prospect of speed networking.

wwe supercard tips and tricks

WWE Supercard Tips & Strategies for Game Progress

wwe supercard tips and tricks

Every year new wrestlers and players introduced in WWE, and it is quite an interesting thing for the lovers and games as well.

The mobile games are just making their game upgrade as the new wrestlers are entering WWE.

Currently, WWE Supercard is the only game that has more than a thousand cards in it, and it is the most popular card game in the mobile gaming community.

There is no doubt that even after these years that the craze for the game is so high.

Millions of players play the game every day, and it is a big achievement for the developers to make this much amazing game that players never get bored.

Learn the best strategies to play

Strategies are the major point of every kind game, and there is no doubt that it is the most important thing to win and progress any game.

Every player has their own strategy to complete the game, and yes, it is the only way that gamer can make loss convert in the win.

In order to complete any game, the strategy is way too important, and in the below information, we will discuss some important cheats for wwe supercard game.

Or you can always checkout latest wwe supercard hack from they provide complete details with working hack for wwe supercard game.

Collect legendary cards

legendary cards are way too important in, and no player can win from them easily. If you are playing the game from a long time, then you must know that how hard is it to get legendary cards. Gamers want to have a legendary card because that has unique strength.

Winning fights and from these cards is a way too difficult task for any opponent, and you can take advantage of it.

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Use superstar cards in the main events

Main events are a very difficult thing in the game, and to win it, players have to use superstar cards because it a great timing to use them.

The rewards of winning main events are so huge, and nom players can take the risk of not using the superstar card in it.

Every player does not have a superstar card, and if you have just used it in the fight of the main event and take all of the victories.

Know the level of your opponent

In the battle, there is one thing that is very vital, which knows the power and strength of the opponent.

If any player does not make any of it, then they can never win any fight. The first rule of the fight is to know the strength of your opponent and use your attack on this base so you can easily win from them.

Keep your best card for the last moment

never reveal all of your cards easily and always keep one epic and game-changer card with you because it has been seen that last cads can game changes.

There are many experts in the game, and they all follow the same procedure. Make your rules and win all of the fights even if you are facing a good player or soft.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tier List

kim kardashian hollywood tier list

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an extremely engaging game and has different tiers. You need fans to go higher in this game. In this post, we will be giving you all the details of kim Kardashian hollywood tier list.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Ranking system

Your place on the Top Stars list decides every ranking. They are divided into six categories. The list of six rankings is classified from the unlisted as lowest and the A-list as highest. You start the game as an unlisted player, and by winning fans, you prosper in ranks. Kim Kardashian’s objective is to be at the A-list in Hollywood. Through attracting as many fans as possible, receiving Star news coverage, and dating, you can achieve this success.

Tap the Feed button on just the menu to see Trend Style and make comparisons of your fame to others in the Top Stars Ranking.

When you play with game centre or connect through Facebook, you will rise your ranking through the contribution of your friends there.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tiers

UnlistedE TierD TierC TierB TierA Tier


When you have zero fans, and you start the game, you are unlisted. Your ranking at that time will be #675- #672. When you pass this ranking, you are promoted to E Tier.


E- Tier Players have ranking #671-#594, and you must have some fans. When you have 1-5000 fans, you will stay in this tier. Go out with different activity and mingle with others to grow your fan. You must remain in Star Magazine and appear with different celebrities. Making various photoshoots are an easy way to get more fans.

D- Tier

When you gather 5000-65000 fans, you are in D-Tier in the game. You may be remembered on the road by a stranger before you are forgotten. Your ranking should pass #465 to go to the next level.

C- Tier

Now, in this tier, you have some popularity as you will have 65000- 750,000 Fans. So, if any restaurants decline to serve you a breakfast meal at their after-dinner timing, you can scream and make your presence.

B- Tier

B Tier players must have 750,000 to 7.5 Million Fans, and their ranking is as high as 327 to 156. But still, there is a lot to do to reach the next tier.

A- Tier

A-Tier listing is the final ranking to make you famous when you get past 7.5 million Fans But don’t quit now, plenty of more fans are still there out. Speak to your Facebook or Twitter mates about the news!


When you are A Tier, you can choose to lose all your fans and make a comeback. Come back will get you back to again E tier.

After that, you can choose three paths as you come back appearance. A love Guru, a Fashion Icon and a moneymaker are the three categories you can choose to be. Each group will have a different style of outfit.

K Stars are very important in the game to buy anything in the game and getting them using kim kardashian hollywood cheats without investing a single penny.

The best benefit of Comeback is you need not do any quests any further, and you can retain your current level. You will also gain a permanent energy boost of 3 energy. When you complete all three comeback path, your energy bar is elevated to +44.