covet fashin tips tricks

Covet Fashion Tips and Tricks to Enhance the Skills to Play

covet fashin tips tricks

That’s the fact that the fashion industry world is one of the most popular industries in the world, and there are so many reasons and factors are behind it.

The lovers of Fashion are always willing to know and learn everything about, and that is why mobile game developers have made a game for them. Covet Fashion is a mobile game that is based on Fashion and dresses up thing which is made by Crowdstar.

The popularity of games and developers is huge, and many of the biggest brands of dress are also provided many of their dresses in it.

Important Covet Fashion Tips & Tricks

In order to play any gamer perfectly, their tips and factors are important to know. Without knowing about the game, no player can play it perfectly.

Covet Fashion is a simple game, yet there is still something that gamers should know if they want to play the game properly. Following some of the best covet fashion cheats and tricks is a great way to level up faster.

Here are some best tips and tricks written below –

·         Join a great and active fashion house

A Fashion house is like an alliance in the game where players can meet new players. Not just meeting in the fashion house, players can also get many amazing things from other experienced gamers.

Joining a fashion house is quite fun in-game because, in this, you can understand and interact with the other users and talk with them about dress-ups.

·         Increase the value of your wardrobe

Whether you make dresses or you purchase the dresses from the store, one thing is you must do is increase the value of your wardrobe.

In the events and other fashion places, you have to show your dresses and attract others to increase the value of your dress. By the rating of your dress, you can also increase the value of the wardrobe.

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·         Take part in a stylish spree

It is the biggest event that happens in the game. Stylish spree event happens every week and in this players have to manifest their best dress to get huge ratings.

There are many events that happen in the game, and stylish spree is one of the biggest where other gamers can also give you a rating for your dress.

·         Fly to new locations

Everything happens in the events because events in the game are so important. The world of Fashion is all about parties and events where you have to show your skills in Fashion.

Every time the event happens in different locations, and for that, players have to fly through the area and reach the event.

It is quite true that they have many options tom play, but it is also an important thing to do, and the majority of gamers do it for popularity.

·         Earn lots of diamonds

One of the main and premium currencies of the game. With the help of diamonds, players can purchase so many premium and rare accessories and dresses that will help the user to get the highest rating in events.

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