how to level up fast in avakin life game

How to Level Up fast in Avakin Life

how to level up fast in avakin life game

Grinding levels in Avakin Life can be a simple method based on your daily game habits. Social connection, shopping, and even gathering all of which you have, make how easily you level up.

Several considerations exist in the game that affects your levelling up speed. The number of clothes you buy each day, the number of apartments you acquire per week or the number of diamond you collect helps in gaining XP.

Let’s dive into it so that we can know how to get more XP.

  • You can receive XPs through chatting and socialising with other players. These players can be your friends or virtual AI. So stay more in rooms and gain 10-15 XP boost every time.
  • Jobs at café like club Sundown is an excellent way to gain EXP while making fun.
  • You will gain XP as you order for foods and drinks in each café. For everyday first order you receive 10 XP, and further orders receive 5XP. 23rd street café can be accessed every morning, and 25 XP can be obtained.
  • Shopping is another way to gain XP in an accelerated way, and you will get them through Avacoins. So get more Avacoins and complete this purchase. 50-500 XP will be automatically added to your account.
  • Crafting also gifts you the XP boost in the game. Every time you finish crafting any item, you get a minimum of 50 XP. However, you require other items for these crafting that you can get from the game. If you have a second building hand, your crafting XP is gained more easily. But you have to spend 5000 Avacoins to get the second builder.

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  • Possessing more apartments is a continuous way to gain XP. Apart from the whooping 300 XP that you get at the first purchase, you will get XP additionally when you possess the. However, these apartments require a considerable amount of Avacoins. By using Avakin Life Cheats for Coins, you can get them. After you possess them, you will get 20 diamonds and 25 Exp after a certain interval.
  • Feeding your pets can give you additional XPs. Every day you can feed up to 2 pets, and you need not worry about toe 50 XP which will be automatically added to your account.
  • Play in Google play account and unlock more achievements. You will gain XP for completing each of these tasks.
  • Capturing some special moments in Avakin Life will give you 15 XP every day; however, you can take a specific amount of photos every day.

All the above Avakin Life hack will put your Avakin life account into an auto gear. You need to ensure these specific tasks and collection Xp will be done automatically.

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