wwe supercard tips and tricks

WWE Supercard Tips & Strategies for Game Progress

wwe supercard tips and tricks

Every year new wrestlers and players introduced in WWE, and it is quite an interesting thing for the lovers and games as well.

The mobile games are just making their game upgrade as the new wrestlers are entering WWE.

Currently, WWE Supercard is the only game that has more than a thousand cards in it, and it is the most popular card game in the mobile gaming community.

There is no doubt that even after these years that the craze for the game is so high.

Millions of players play the game every day, and it is a big achievement for the developers to make this much amazing game that players never get bored.

Learn the best strategies to play

Strategies are the major point of every kind game, and there is no doubt that it is the most important thing to win and progress any game.

Every player has their own strategy to complete the game, and yes, it is the only way that gamer can make loss convert in the win.

In order to complete any game, the strategy is way too important, and in the below information, we will discuss some important cheats for wwe supercard game.

Or you can always checkout latest wwe supercard hack from kidsaretheworst.net they provide complete details with working hack for wwe supercard game.

Collect legendary cards

legendary cards are way too important in, and no player can win from them easily. If you are playing the game from a long time, then you must know that how hard is it to get legendary cards. Gamers want to have a legendary card because that has unique strength.

Winning fights and from these cards is a way too difficult task for any opponent, and you can take advantage of it.

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Use superstar cards in the main events

Main events are a very difficult thing in the game, and to win it, players have to use superstar cards because it a great timing to use them.

The rewards of winning main events are so huge, and nom players can take the risk of not using the superstar card in it.

Every player does not have a superstar card, and if you have just used it in the fight of the main event and take all of the victories.

Know the level of your opponent

In the battle, there is one thing that is very vital, which knows the power and strength of the opponent.

If any player does not make any of it, then they can never win any fight. The first rule of the fight is to know the strength of your opponent and use your attack on this base so you can easily win from them.

Keep your best card for the last moment

never reveal all of your cards easily and always keep one epic and game-changer card with you because it has been seen that last cads can game changes.

There are many experts in the game, and they all follow the same procedure. Make your rules and win all of the fights even if you are facing a good player or soft.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tier List

kim kardashian hollywood tier list

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an extremely engaging game and has different tiers. You need fans to go higher in this game. In this post, we will be giving you all the details of kim Kardashian hollywood tier list.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Ranking system

Your place on the Top Stars list decides every ranking. They are divided into six categories. The list of six rankings is classified from the unlisted as lowest and the A-list as highest. You start the game as an unlisted player, and by winning fans, you prosper in ranks. Kim Kardashian’s objective is to be at the A-list in Hollywood. Through attracting as many fans as possible, receiving Star news coverage, and dating, you can achieve this success.

Tap the Feed button on just the menu to see Trend Style and make comparisons of your fame to others in the Top Stars Ranking.

When you play with game centre or connect through Facebook, you will rise your ranking through the contribution of your friends there.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tiers

UnlistedE TierD TierC TierB TierA Tier


When you have zero fans, and you start the game, you are unlisted. Your ranking at that time will be #675- #672. When you pass this ranking, you are promoted to E Tier.


E- Tier Players have ranking #671-#594, and you must have some fans. When you have 1-5000 fans, you will stay in this tier. Go out with different activity and mingle with others to grow your fan. You must remain in Star Magazine and appear with different celebrities. Making various photoshoots are an easy way to get more fans.

D- Tier

When you gather 5000-65000 fans, you are in D-Tier in the game. You may be remembered on the road by a stranger before you are forgotten. Your ranking should pass #465 to go to the next level.

C- Tier

Now, in this tier, you have some popularity as you will have 65000- 750,000 Fans. So, if any restaurants decline to serve you a breakfast meal at their after-dinner timing, you can scream and make your presence.

B- Tier

B Tier players must have 750,000 to 7.5 Million Fans, and their ranking is as high as 327 to 156. But still, there is a lot to do to reach the next tier.

A- Tier

A-Tier listing is the final ranking to make you famous when you get past 7.5 million Fans But don’t quit now, plenty of more fans are still there out. Speak to your Facebook or Twitter mates about the news!


When you are A Tier, you can choose to lose all your fans and make a comeback. Come back will get you back to again E tier.

After that, you can choose three paths as you come back appearance. A love Guru, a Fashion Icon and a moneymaker are the three categories you can choose to be. Each group will have a different style of outfit.

K Stars are very important in the game to buy anything in the game and getting them using kim kardashian hollywood cheats without investing a single penny.

The best benefit of Comeback is you need not do any quests any further, and you can retain your current level. You will also gain a permanent energy boost of 3 energy. When you complete all three comeback path, your energy bar is elevated to +44.

covet fashin tips tricks

Covet Fashion Tips and Tricks to Enhance the Skills to Play

covet fashin tips tricks

That’s the fact that the fashion industry world is one of the most popular industries in the world, and there are so many reasons and factors are behind it.

The lovers of Fashion are always willing to know and learn everything about, and that is why mobile game developers have made a game for them. Covet Fashion is a mobile game that is based on Fashion and dresses up thing which is made by Crowdstar.

The popularity of games and developers is huge, and many of the biggest brands of dress are also provided many of their dresses in it.

Important Covet Fashion Tips & Tricks

In order to play any gamer perfectly, their tips and factors are important to know. Without knowing about the game, no player can play it perfectly.

Covet Fashion is a simple game, yet there is still something that gamers should know if they want to play the game properly. Following some of the best covet fashion cheats and tricks is a great way to level up faster.

Here are some best tips and tricks written below –

·         Join a great and active fashion house

A Fashion house is like an alliance in the game where players can meet new players. Not just meeting in the fashion house, players can also get many amazing things from other experienced gamers.

Joining a fashion house is quite fun in-game because, in this, you can understand and interact with the other users and talk with them about dress-ups.

·         Increase the value of your wardrobe

Whether you make dresses or you purchase the dresses from the store, one thing is you must do is increase the value of your wardrobe.

In the events and other fashion places, you have to show your dresses and attract others to increase the value of your dress. By the rating of your dress, you can also increase the value of the wardrobe.

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·         Take part in a stylish spree

It is the biggest event that happens in the game. Stylish spree event happens every week and in this players have to manifest their best dress to get huge ratings.

There are many events that happen in the game, and stylish spree is one of the biggest where other gamers can also give you a rating for your dress.

·         Fly to new locations

Everything happens in the events because events in the game are so important. The world of Fashion is all about parties and events where you have to show your skills in Fashion.

Every time the event happens in different locations, and for that, players have to fly through the area and reach the event.

It is quite true that they have many options tom play, but it is also an important thing to do, and the majority of gamers do it for popularity.

·         Earn lots of diamonds

One of the main and premium currencies of the game. With the help of diamonds, players can purchase so many premium and rare accessories and dresses that will help the user to get the highest rating in events.

Creative Destruction Survival Tips

Creative Destruction Survival Tips

There are millions of gamers in the world, and every gamer has their choice of game to play. Now there are also many kinds of games, and they are categorized in many categories as well.

Developer NetEase gamers have newly released Creative Destruction, which is a Battle Royale game. Battle Royale games are currently the highest-grossing game, and Creative Destruction is too popular in it.

With the new style and graphics of the game makes it more exciting and reached huge popularity. The animation and designs of the characters with their weapons look so stunning.

Many players are so addictive to the game, and the optimization of the game is so smooth that it makes it compatible with every android & iOS device.

Perfect strategy & tips to survive in creative destruction

Survival is a major part and key of the game, and if you learn that how can you survive in the game, then you can easily win the matches also. There are several creative destruction cheats available to survive longer in the match. Check them out.

There are so many things in the game, and without completing every aspect, your survival will be difficult. These are important objects that will keep you undead at the end of the circle.

Meanwhile, the Medkits, weapons, storage helps in the survival and killing the opponents.

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After landing on the spot of the map, the first thing to do is to collect things in the houses. While collecting the medkits and weapons, there is one thing that gamers have to remember that always alert of their enemies.

If they know your location without you knowing them, so it is the minus point of you. There is the logic of everything and some of the players in the match just focusing on killing, and for those players, how to have to keep the distance and if you engage with them just take perfect place to cover.

Ways to survive in the following ways –

  • Drop at a suitable place where fewer opponents dropped
  • Keep enough medicines and energy drinks to recover faster
  • Always keep two kinds of guns for long-range and for near as well
  • Take cover while engaging with any enemy
  • Do not show your location easily always walk carefully

Kill the enemies quickly

The main part of the game is killing because when you are engaging with any kind of enemy, the first thing comes in mind to kill, which is completely wrong.

In fact, just look for a place to cover yourself to protect yourself from getting hurt by an enemy’s weapon.

Get a perfect cover to see the enemy and look for a perfect moment and shoot the enemy with your preferred gun. For longer-range attacks, always use sniper and aim for the head to deal with serious damage.

If your aim is good and you can control rifle for far range shooting, then it is also great. It is true that every enemy has its strategy, but, if you are good at something, then you can easily take down any enemy.

Tips for Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters Tips and Tricks

Tips for Pokemon Masters

Pokémon Masters has finally released worldwide for Android as well as iOS platforms. We are here to share some Pokémon Masters Tips but now players can experience a real Pokémon world full of exciting challenges, missions, characters, features, and much more.

3D graphics are used in Pokémon Master game to give it a practical as well as attractive look. DeNa developers offer the game for free. It means you don’t need to pay any coin for downloading or running the game.

The gameplay is straightforward to understand as users need to create a pair of three trainers and Pokémon for fighting with other players. Completing every mission smoothly helps you to make high-level sync pairs.

Well, when it comes to progress in Pokémon Master game faster, users get confused and perform various unnecessary tasks.

Pokémon Masters Tips to Play Effortlessly

But with the help of below mentioned master tips, it is possible. So, every player has suggested paying attention to the forthcoming content more.

·         Pairs

Pairs matter a lot while going into a combat mode. A group of three trainers and three Pokémon is known as sync pair. With the help of powerful sync pairs, you can get the victory as soon as possible.

While leveling up faster, players can unlock more trainers and a team of powerful Pokémon. Know the strength of every trainer in addition to Pokémon besides using it in the Pacio (battleground).

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·         Complete daily missions first

Logging every day in Pokémon Master helps you to see daily missions. Completing daily tasks first without going to combat mode helps you to learn useful fight techniques, basics, controls, and strength of Pokémon.

Also completing every mission smoothly offers an array of benefits, bonuses, and valuable rewards. These are as similar to pokemon masters coin hack and the only difference is it is legit.

These bonuses may help players to upgrade their tiers more. So, don’t forget to grab the benefits of regular missions.

·         Complete training battles

Complete Training Battles

Do you want to make the sync pairs more powerful? Desire to get victory faster without performing more attacks? If yes, don’t forget to complete stories or training battles. In training battles, you are able to learn more attacks, powers, and much more defensive techniques.

Understanding every move of Pokémon Masters helps you to progress faster besides win over them smoothly.

Every pair gets a separate training battle mode where they can learn more strategies. So, don’t panic more and just go for training to grab more benefits.

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·         Level up for more upgrades

In order to grab more upgrades or powers, users need to level up faster. Reaching level 30 allow players to get new evolution pairs which contain more skills, techniques, damage power, and so on.

When a user-level up in Pokémon Master game, he/she is going to gain more items, bonuses, or upgrades.

·         In-game currencies

Coins and gems are two main currencies of Pokémon Master game from which in-game items can purchased.

Having enough currency for buying essential elements besides to complete the level helps them to progress quickly like no one another can.

With the help of passing missions, events, or other tasks, players can earn all currencies in sufficient amount.

CSR Racing 2 Cheats

CSR Racing 2 Cheats : Every Hack Explained For You

CSR Racing 2 Cheats

Drag racing games have touched the astronomical height through a few games in recent times, and CSR Racing 2 is a pioneer among them. When you get chance to drive McLaren P1, Ferrari, or Aston Martin DB5 in its original graphical interface, it cherishes your desire in driving luxury cars.

However, every luxurious item comes with some price tag and CSR racing 2 is no exception. There are in-game currencies that control the game economy, and before you go for CSR racing 2 cheats, these currencies need to be known comprehensively.

What are in-Game currencies in CSR Racing 2?


In CSR Racing 2 you earn cash or dollar is required at every sphere of the game. Cash is needed to buy cars, and in most of the purchases, you make to upgrade your car. You can earn cash in taking part in races. However, there are some CSR racing 2 hacks in the game that gives you cash.

Gold Chips

Gold chips are the prime currency in the game and very rare to find. However, if you follow our CSR racing 2 cheats given below you will be able to run your races uninterruptedly.


Keys are another essential element that is required in getting various blueprints and rare parts. Keys can be earned in rewards in taking multiple races. Also, there are CSR racing 2 cheats that award you keys. To know all about this CSR Racing 2 Hack follow the article.

How to Get Cash & Gold Chips in CSR Racing 2?

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

As you create an account and start up your garage, you are given gold chips as a welcome bonus. You get 130 gold chips when you start playing the game.

Practice More

In CSR2 other than PVP matches there are regulation races that are considered as comfortable CSR racing 2 cheats to earn cash. Initially, when your car is not completely updated, then taking part in challenges is not a good idea. In such cases, you can update your driving skills in the regulation races. Every regulation race gives you 820 cash bonus at the beginning.

Play and Level Up

In Drag racing, the primary task is to take part in the racing. The more you race, you get more respect points (similar to experience), and once you collect enough, your Rank is upgraded. Developers award you with five gold chips when your Rank is updated.

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Connect to Facebook

Social media connection not only protects your account from being lost but in CSR Racing 2 you get the benefit of resource as a bonus. You get a one-time bonus of 2500$ when you connect your game account with your Facebook account. Use this CSR Racing 2 hack as you start playing the game.

Dona Garage Crate

Dona's Garage Crate

Dona Garage is the place where you upgrade your vehicle parts and go for tuning. The best CSR Racing 2 Hack to get some added benefit is to visit every four hours, and you get a crate to open. The crate gives you rewards like auto parts, cash or keys.

Collect Jerry’s Bonus

Jerry's Bonus

Jerry is your Manager and is generous enough to awards you with some gifts. Every twelve-hour you get the chance to collect one gift. The gift includes cash of 10000$ at most. Other gifts include keys, chips or auto parts.

Watch an Ad

In CSR Racing 2 you must take a break from the race and watch ads that come frequently. It is an excellent CSR racing 2 hack to earn gas and fill your gasometer. Every ad gives you two jars of gas.

Complete Daily Goals

Every day you are given a set of goals which can individually give you keys as rewards. These daily goals are an excellent guide towards the start of the game and an added advantage to collect the keys. The best CSR racing 2 hack of the game is when you complete all daily goals you get the daily bonus as a cash gift.

Take Part on Daily Battles

Daily Battles

Every four hours in CSR2, the daily battle is updated, and you can take part in this battle. If you win this daily battle, you are given with ten gold chips.


Online CSR Racing 2 Cheats review

There are many online CSR racing hack apk available to you in your various searches. These hack apks are not working nowadays since the game account is online. Once you are connected, the tricks fail.

Several CSR racing 2 cheats iPhone users have discovered and failed in their races as well. The developers have made the game full proof from any CSR racing 2 hack ios that you will find as suggestions in various sites. Many users have lost their account doing these tricks. So better stay away from them.

When you are in search of how to hack CSR Racing 2, you might have encountered many sites that are creating online generators of the game currencies or providing cheat codes. We have been testing these sites for the same reason you know. But none of the CSR Racing 2 cheats android has produced that gave a rewarding effect.

As a result, we have researched and played the game to an extreme level and found only the key to success which we have mentioned above as our full-proof CSR racing 2 cheats list. We guarantee that none of the above is fake and you will be surely able to get all of these if you follow from the beginning.

Wrapping Up

In CSR racing, you must focus only on racing and gaining new cars through them. Once you own a T5 car, you can bang on the tracks and can challenge in all respect. Our CSR Racing 2 cheats are with you as an added advantage. So, find out the hidden Nicky Lauda in you and rush.

the sims mobile hack

The Sims Mobile Cheats Tips And Hacks To Try

the sims mobile hack

The Sims Mobile is a perfect engrossing game that keeps you out of your stressful life and allows you to spend with your favourite Sims. However, the virtual game demands real Cash to get in-game currencies.

Following are a few tips and trick that is helpful to grab all the opportunities that the developers have kept in the game to earn these currencies.

The Sims Mobile Cheats Tips And Hacks

1. Be Consistent With Daily Tasks

Every day you are allocated at most eight tasks, and they are the path to earn the most happening rewards in this game. When you complete all these tasks apart from special prizes like XPs, or sim cash, you get a muffin and 120 points. It is an excellent way to earn Cash and get energy points.

the sims mobile cheats

2. Use Multiple Numbers of Sims at the Same Time

The easiest way to earn sufficient tokens in Sims mobile is to have more Sims. Your game will move at a slow pace when you perform with a Sim. You can ride in fast track progress in levels and gain lots of Simoleons much quicker when you expand your household.

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3. Use Sim Slots Effectively

Sim slot is an effective way to use your sim cash. It requires 175 sim cash to get three chances in the sim slot. It is always better to take the opportunity of three-time instead of spending the Sim Cash on a single purchase.

If you are lucky, you can get your desired item. Also do not forget to you use the sims mobile cheats mentioned by wrcmadison.org where they have explained in detailed.

4. Make Your Sim a Party Animal

It’s the best way to get into the party whenever you get a chance as your Sims can achieve much more in these places. They can even complete several stages of familiarity while working with others. Moreover, if there’s any topic about your hobby at a club, you can rapidly earn several dozen marks.

5. Make Your Sims Working

The number of working Sims you keep more in your family, you can earn more. If not more at least make one sim operating to meet your requirement. Sims have no prerequisites as such in The Sims Mobile, but you need money to fix devices and accomplish events and activities daily.

Use your Spare time

It is always an excellent way to use the time when you are away from the game. Keep your Sims busy sending for works that require a long time to complete.

So when you are back, you can get the job done by them and receive the rewards.

6. Watch Commercials:

Watching commercial ads includes rewards that are the best and easiest way to earn. Even a twenty to thirty-second commercial can earn you sim cash.

7. Stay Away From an Acceleration of Tasks.

The best way to earn Cash is to save it. It is always advisable not to spend any of your sim cash in accelerating tasks. Instead, start your job cautiously so you can use sim optimally.

8. Retirements

Retirement of Sims is also another way where you can get heirlooms. You can receive new feature and hobbies through it.

That will be all, for now, to get the in-game currencies possibly. Follow our other articles to know more about the game.

choices stories you play tips

Choices Stories You Play Tips Tricks

choices stories you play tips
Tips for choices stories you play

Choices Stories You Play is an interesting game that may fall you in love with its impressive gameplay elements.

Most of the game enthusiasts are crazy for this game because it is totally based on a unique genre.

The game is much better than other games that are based on action, adventures, and racing, etc. It is a simulation game in which you can find a variety of stories based on love, romance, and fantasies.

You can easily take part in the different stories and then play the role of the main character.

You shouldn’t only focus on playing these stories because the currencies are also playing a vital role.

Keys and diamonds are the two main currencies that you can earn by completing different challenges or linking Facebook with the game.

Earn Choices Stories You Play Currencies With Ease!

Everyone may know that it is not easy to earn currencies in Choices Stories You Play, but you can make it possible with the help of some beneficial tips. Keys are the primary currency, whereas diamonds are the premium one. Getting diamonds is not very easy in the game, Hence you need some assistance. If you need all currencies for free then you can try these choices cheats from anothergamecon they actually works.

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It is important to collect more and more currencies to make the game easier. To earn currencies without making a lot of efforts, you should follow the tips that have been underlined.

  • The game developers are offering sign-up rewards and bonuses that you can claim with the help of creating an account. You will get keys and diamonds in the form of rewards.
  • You should link your game account with Facebook that will not only help you to get rewards but you can also get some other perks.
  • In order to collect currencies, you just need to invite Facebook friends to play the game. It is an easy trick that will help you to grab keys and diamonds for free.
  • By playing different stories or episodes, you can easily collect the good number of keys that are required to unlock the chapters.

With the help of all these tips, you can get success in collecting enough in-game currencies. After this, all you need is to spend these currencies wisely to play the game effortlessly.

Focus on The Game Properly

In order to be a superior player, you should focus on the different aspects of the game. Try to avoid doing mistakes because one single mistake can also affect your game experience.

Always keep your mind fresh while playing the game to make the right choices. It is important to make every decision carefully because it will give the turn to your story accordingly. Never skip the tutorial because it will help you to know more about the controls and other gameplay elements.

Choose some interesting stories to take part in because it can help you to play perfectly and without getting bored.

In a nutshell, beginners should always follow some basic tips to boost up their progress speed in the game.

They can’t play well without making a good strategy or implementing the tips and tricks.

It is the reason why players should consider the above-mentioned tips to play the game in a better way.

pixel gun 3d tips tricks

Pixel Gun 3D Tips And Tricks To Progress Faster in The Game

pixel gun 3d tips tricks
Pixel Gun 3D Tips Tricks

Are you trying to progress in Pixel Gun 3D game faster? Want to become a pro player or want to enjoy the game more?

If yes, then in order to solve all queries, you need to pay more attention to forthcoming content. Here we are going to discuss some simple master tricks to use in Pixel Gun 3D game. Reviewing, adopting besides using all tips helps to play the game smoothly.

But before we start with the main content let’s have a quick review of Pixel Gun 3D game first.

Pixel Gun 3D is a loving first-person shooting game with pixel blocks graphics. The game is available on iOS and Android devices for free.

Thousands of exciting missions, tournaments, game modes, weapons are added in the game in which gamers need to kill the zombies besides follow the maps.

Well, playing the game often allows you to explore endless fun as well as reduce all mental stress.

Top 4 Pixel Gun 3D Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

1. Pass On -level 2 Faster

When you cross level 2 of Pixel Gun 3D game, you are able to unlock different survival mode. In the arena mode of play, you need to kill a wave of enemies continuously. Also completing each mission provides several kinds of rewards, including in-game currencies.

pixel gun 3d level 2
Pixel Gun 3d Level 2

Among other game modes, Arena mode is considered as best to earn currencies as well as to progress faster.

2. Aim For HeadShop Frequently

Among shooting on different parts of the body, try to aim at a headshot. Making head shots more and more allow players to collect hit points in a sufficient amount. Also, with the help of it, you are able to unlock more rewards. If you are in a hurry and want instant pixel gun 3d coins and gems then use pixel gun 3d cheats mentioned here.

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So always try to aim at headshot without getting stressed or for obtaining huge benefits.

3. Maintain In-game Currencies Properly

Maintaining all currencies in more massive amount is considered as the best way to progress in the game faster like no one another can.

There are different game tasks available in the Pixel Gun 3D game, which allows users to collect currencies in the right amount. Well, there are 6 main types of currencies used in Pixel Gun 3D namely-

  • Keys
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Tickets
  • Ribbons
  • Medal

Make sure that you are using the currencies wisely on necessary tasks and for purchasing essential items because it’s not an easy task to earn all of them.

4. Know Your Weapons Well Before Using

As we discussed, hundreds of weapons are added in the Pixel Gun 3D game from which you can kill enemies. Some weapons are more potent as compared to others, but the essential thing for all users to know the importance of weapons.

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They need to know which weapon is powerful for killing the zombies quickly. A player can use more than one weapon in the game to progress faster, but make sure that all the weapons are reloaded timely while following the map. Some kinds of weapons are listed below-

  • Sniper rifle- best weapon for sniping
  • Machine gun- makes rapid fires
  • Shotgun
  • Special weapons
  • Melee weapons
free google play codes

How to Get Free Google Play Codes Online

free google play codes
How to get free google play codes

There are tons of apps on the Google Play store, which requires Google currency for buying. On one side there are plenty of free apps on the store, whereas on the other hand there are paid ones also.

These paid apps sometimes become a burden on the users due to their constant charges. To minimise this burden, there are some google play codes available on the play store which you can earn through little steps and avail the benefits of paid apps later.

Here, some legitimate sources are given below where you can get these free google play codes.

9 Real Working Sources To Get Free Google Play Codes


MistPlay offers are a unique and fun way to get free google play card. You will get paid for playing games in this app. There will be several exciting games found in the ‘Mixlist’ of the app which you have to choose to play and earn from doing so.

Isn’t it a cool way to get these free google play codes without human verification? It is like a combo offer where you will get games and codes together and free.

How to Get It? – There is no complicated process to avail these codes. All you need to do is install the app and pick some exciting games from the ‘mixlist’ and start playing. All the points you earn there can be redeemed later to Google play codes.

Earn by Registering Your Samsung Device

Nowadays, Samsung offers a bunch of rewards for its users. You can get your free google play codes by registering your Samsung device on google play. Usually, they offer a $25 gift card for the already purchased devices. If you are planning to buy a Samsung device, then there are some great deals for you in their store.

How Does it Work? – To register your device, you have to go to the portal and register through your email ID. Once you get registered, you will receive your codes. The best part of these google play codes is that they never expire like others. You can redeem them anytime you need. Keep a check on your email ID to get some exciting offers.

Register Your Chromecast Device

For all the Chromecast users, this is good to be remarkable. You can also earn these free codes by registering your Chromecast device, and the best part is it allows you to register from multiple email Ids. To get more free google play codes amazon codes, you can register all the email ID available in your family.

How to get it? – To register your Chromecast device, you can install Google Home on your android phone and get the latest offers. Before registering your device, you should first check the reward price. If the reward price is not much, then keep waiting till you get a nice one. Usually, the codes offered are between $5- $25.

Get a Google Opinion Reward App

Now you must be wondering what this app is all about. Well, this app is an excellent tool for earning google play gift card codes unused in a hassle-free manner.

If you are too lazy to find multiple sources to get offers or download numerous apps and registrations, then we highly recommend this app for you. In this app, you will be asked to take surveys, and a nice amount will be credited to your google play account.

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How Does it Work? – To get some great deals, you have to install the app and start taking surveys. There are both short and small surveys available on the app. If possible, complete at least one survey a day to make a good earning.

The amount ranges from $6-$25, and your free google play codes will be directly redeemed to your Google Play account.


It was known as Cubic rewards earlier. To offers various rewards for playing games and download apps. You can also invite friends to join here, and prizes will be added for with joining. It is the most straightforward source you will ever get through. All you need to do is play and download games and grab your points. The points will be later redeemed to your Google Play store.

Get Juno Wallet

JunoWallet is an app where you get a bunch of great deals for you free google play credit by doing stuff like taking surveys, downloading apps, and viewing videos. It is another excellent source for earning google credits, but it requires more work.

There is also a unique feature in the app, which is Mystery Rewards’. These mystery rewards are given occasionally, which needs to be claimed within 10 seconds after that it will disappear.

Share With Your Friends – This app also offers Google credits for inviting a friend to join the app. With each joining, a small amount will be credited to your account, which can be redeemed later.

Earn ‘Nanas’

There is an app known as AppNana, which offers google play redeem codes for playing games. The points you earn there are called ‘Nanas’ which can be redeemed later. By log in your account daily, you will get up to 400 Nanas per day.

This app is accessible from both android and ios platforms.


It is an app typically used for earning Google credits by doing stuff like downloading apps, searching on their browser, taking surveys, online shopping, and many more ways. This app offers various methods of earning free google play credit.

It offers 10 points for signing up on the app and some daily offers for doing some small tasks. To make $1 in the app, you have to score $100 points, which mean you need 1000-2500 to earn $10 or $25 gift cards.

WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards is another source for earning free google gift cards. All you need to do is link your Facebook account to Whaff rewards and stay tuned for exciting offers.

You will get points for downloading games and another app that will also double the amount for keeping the app for a long time.

Free Google Play Codes Hacks & Generators – The Fact is Not Acceptable

You will come across various websites and app offering generators and cheats to get these free google play cards but never make this mistake of trusting them. All these websites and app are a total scam which only harms your online privacy by taking your personal information but nothing else.

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They ask for your details and email ID for wrong intentions.

Always keep one thing in mind before going to these fraudsters that on one, I said one can give you these gift codes without any cost. These codes are highly secured with strong passwords which are close to impossible to crack. So never trust these cheaters whose only intention is to harm your online privacy.

Getting these Google Play Redeem codes is a bit time taking, but all these are legit ways which entirely safe for your use.

Final Words

There are a lot of options available on the internet these free google play codes. Here we have mentioned all the legitimate and the best real working ways to get them. All the sites and app mentioned above are working for a long time and trusted by users.

You can pick anyone from them and start getting you gift cards. Also, beware of these generators and cheats to save yourself from getting into trouble.